From 2012 & 2013 The Prayerful Harp week at Ghost Ranch:

“Didn’t we have a great time.  If you are teaching again next year I plan on coming back.  Also going to John Philip Newell’s morning services was beautiful and your playing was beautiful.” ~D.B.

“I found the Celtic harp class taught by Linda Larkin to be a great introduction to playing the harp and to the harp world. I appreciated the “prayerful harp” aspect of the class. Linda introduced the harp in a very approachable way… it did not seem overwhelming at all.  I would recommend this course if you have any inclination to playing the harp. It was a very positive experience.”  ~E.F.

“Linda magically inspired lovely music from our diverse group of beginning harpers. I love music, but was apprehensive going into this harp class because I don’t read a note. Magical!  There’s no other word to describe it!” ~E.K.


The chants:

“For some time now I have played “Sounds of the Eternal” as I work on my sermons.  This augments my contemplative awareness and I have to share with you that the chants prompt sparks of insight and awareness just as they are needed in my writing. The chants are simply inspirational. I never tire of them.” ~Rev. K.S.


“The music was an extremely important part of our conference for all the women.  I am very grateful that we could use your chants.”  ~Rev. J.P.


“The chants were so loved last year, and this year I’m adding some from the Sephardic chants.  I hope you know how much difference your music makes in the lives of people.”  ~Rev. J. P.


“On a solo pilgrimage hiking across the Grand Canyon, the only music I took with me was Linda’s. During what became a transformative personal journey, her compositions on “Sounds of the Eternal” were integral to my meditations. Since then, I have listened to them many times on the CD and played them many times on my harp. They have been a reminder of a seminal experience of God’s presence in Creation and in my life.”  ~Diane Gansauer, Lyrical Life Ceremonies



“Linda is an extremely talented musician. She combines technical expertise with extemporaneous creativity and spiritual sensitivity.  I find that she enriches what I have to offer.  All of this she does without calling attention to herself.  She is a gifted enabler.”  ~John Philip Newell


“Linda brought her harp to he sacred island of Iona where she played in the Abbey and ancient chapels.  Her touch is sensitive and soul-enlivening.  Anyone having the opportunity to hear her will be richly blessed.  She plays the harp like an angel.”  ~N.R.


“The 2 ½ days spent in contemplation of his (John Philip Newell’s)  readings and your chants have been life-giving and hope-giving.  Bless you for sharing your gift of music to the world.”  ~N. C. (Canada)



“Linda’s gift is to let Spirit flow through her fingers to her harp.  After seeing her play in different settings, from church to small gatherings, it is clear she plays the heartsong of the audience.”  ~A. M.


“Linda creates an atmosphere of peace and beauty with her harp which supports and encourages quiet meditation.  Her beautiful and sensitive playing allows us to focus within and be removed for a brief time from the cares of the world.” ~M.M.