I begin early on encouraging students to make their own music, sharing very simple techniques that build confidence in being creative.

I  teach classical harp techniques, believing this is the path to achieving the most beautiful sound possible on the harp.  And this can happen in the first lesson!  I believe in learning structures to achieve musical integrity while encouraging the student’s creative expression.

I have students with a huge range of music backgrounds, from absolute beginners who don’t read music to a Ph. D. level musicologist and a Juilliard-trained opera singer.

“I must express to you how much the harp has meant to me at this stage in my life. Is there any instrument like it? Especially for beginners. Even my kitties come in the living room to listen. Please be sure to encourage older students to take it up. (I turned 70 this year.) I know that it really helps my brain and  of course keeps my fingers moving.  But more than anything, it has brought music back into my life, and there is nothing better than that for any life, at any time.”
R. P, Tucson,  Ghost Ranch class 2013

The Prayerful Harp 2015 at Ghost Ranch is happening

Monday, July 13-Sunday, July 19.


“Linda has been an outstanding teacher in my quest to learn to play the harp.  As a scientist, I greatly appreciate her precision, her attention to detail, and her emphasis on correct technique.  I have played the piano and organ for 40 years and know what it is like to have to unlearn poor techniques!  Linda has engaged me in the physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of making music with such a beautiful and amazing instrument.  I highly recommend Linda to anyone interested in learning to play the harp, or learning to advance to higher and more accomplished degrees of performance.” ~Barbara I. H. Damron, PhD, RN, FAAN